• Replica Ford Quadricycle first generation

    • Replica Ford Quadricycle
    • first generation of Ford Quadricycle
    • first generation of Ford Quadricycle
    • first generation of Ford Quadricycle
    • Replica Ford Quadricycle
    • First generation of Ford Quadricycle


    The first generation of Ford auto vehicle, it’s call Quadricycle. When he took his “Quadricycle” out for a test drive in early June, there were no crowds on the streets waiting to see it, no journalists assembled to write about his invention. In retrospect, this was fortunate because his test run wasn’t nearly as successful as King’s.

    The first problem he encountered was almost comical: Ready to roll his car out of his shed, Ford discovered it was too large to fit through the doors. “He grabbed an axe and doubled the opening by knocking out some bricks,” author Steven Watts writes in his best-selling biography The People’s Tycoon. Once the car was out on the streets, the engine broke down in front of the Cadillac hotel.? “An inspection revealed only a minor problem—a spring supporting one of the electrical ‘ignitors’ had failed,” Watts writes. “And a quick repair got the vehicle up and running once again.”

    Chinese replica is 1:1 design as the original Ford model, using electric power to crease a more environmental friendly vehicle.first generation of Ford Quadricyclefirst generation of Ford Quadricycle


    The 1903 Electric Vehicles
    DimensionL*W*Hmm 2412*1585*1460without roof
    DimensionL*W*Hmm 2412*1585*2045(with roof
    Motor: Direct Drive
    Body: Cold rolling steel plate and Low carbon steel
    Color: Black(RAL9017 –Traffic Black)
    Hose power (kw): 3KW
    Battery: 4*12V
    Wheel base(mm): 1700mm
    Distance between shafts(mm): 1400mm
    Max Travel Speed 29km/h
    Grand Clearance: 250mm
    Full charge Time 8-12Hours
    Endurance mileage: 40km
    Final Ratio: 10.25:1
    Differential Ratio of Real Axle: Driving wheel:10
    Planet Wheel:16
    Climbing Ability: 25%
    Curb Weight(kg): 500kg
    Gross weight(kg): 700kg
    Brake: Front-Disc/Rear-Drum

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